Tampa based hospitality company announces a subsequent development project incorporating an EB-5 visa component to attract foreign investment into the U.S.

(PRWeb August 24, 2016)

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Local vacation rental company beats previous record by millions

(PRWeb August 24, 2016)

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For the retirees who often have plenty of time after child rearing and career years, traveling can be an exciting experience. The only challenge though, is how to come up with the funds to retire and travel the world . –   – Retirement coach Ann Nelson of Ann Nelson Enterprises interviewed travel enthusiast Shane Thomas who has been traveling since the age of 20. Having visited 109 countries for 46 years, Shane is a living proof that travelling in retirement need not be extravagan…

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Miami based clothing company launches fall line with a unique twist: clothing for mother-daughter ‘twinning’ moments

(PRWeb August 23, 2016)

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Central Jersey Convention & Visitors Bureau was nominated for the best convention and visitors bureau. They have been noted for knowledge of tourism in the area and their business relationships.

(PRWeb August 23, 2016)

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GrowFL Recognizes Top Second-Stage Entrepreneurs

(PRWeb August 23, 2016)

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OMPUREAIR introduces a collection of highly efficient and stylish organic face mask that will enable the urban citizen to fight the threats from air pollution. As per a recent research conducted by WHO, the level of air pollution in the urban areas has reached a limit that is detrimental to human health. This statement holds true from a global perspective. Consequently, it is taking a major toll on the health of the people living in the urban areas. Hence, these flocks were looking for so…

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Leading Protection Dog Firm Now Servicing Families on a Global Scale

(PRWeb August 22, 2016)

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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) has begun to issue I-526 Petition approval for EB-5 investors who invested in a Partnership that provided financing to Mainsail…

(PRWeb August 22, 2016)

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Sydney-based outsourced sales and marketing firm O’Connor Marketing announced this week that they are planning an R&R trip to Queenstown, New Zealand, to reward their contractors for their hard…

(PRWeb August 22, 2016)

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