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It has now become much easier to overcome fear of flying for those that are afraid to fly. The recently released 'Lose The Fear And Fly' Guide easily puts flying fears to rest without the side effects of medication. It was designed for those with a mild flying anxiety as well as those white knuckle fliers with an overwhelming fear of flying. This multimedia program created by Pilot DJ Frost includes instant mp3 downloads along with an eBook which explains in detail everything about flying stress free. It covers specifics about what causes bumpy turbulence in clear weather, self hypnosis and NLP techniques to relieve anxiety and a guided imagery session for relaxation. This easy to follow guide, which can be taken along on a trip, was developed by an active commercial airline pilot and certified hypnotist. For more information about the 'Lose The Fear And Fly' guide to overcome fear of flying please visit:

A recent 'Lose The Fear And Fly' user who was able to successfully overcome fear of flying is quoted as saying 'Glad you are out there for people like me who have this fear of flying. It does make it easier to have tools to get us through with less discomfort. Thank you for what you do.' Another said, 'On a scale of 1 – 10 my anxiety level was probably a 2! First time ever I felt that comfortable.'

'Lose The Fear And Fly' developer, Pilot D.J. Frost, recently stated 'This is the first program of its kind that combines both my skills as a seasoned pilot along with the rapid state of mental change of NLP and hypnosis to help you eliminate your flying anxiety so that you will never be afraid to fly again.' For more information about the 'Lose The Fear And Fly' guide to overcome fear of flying please visit:

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Kerrville, Texas – David Broussard will be joining two other professional American sculptors, Beverly Paddleford and Max Greiner, Jr. of Kerrville, TX by donating his artwork to the sculpture park, located in the Texas Hill Country.

Three million dollars worth of monumental sculptures have been donated to The Coming King Foundation for display at a 23 acre Sculpture Prayer Garden on Interstate 10 in Kerrville, TX. The non-profit Christian arts foundation announced this week that Dallas, TX sculptor, David Broussard ( will be joining two other professional American sculptors, Beverly Paddleford ( of Lander, WY and Max Greiner, Jr. ( of Kerrville, TX by donating his work to the sculpture park, located in the Texas Hill Country.

Broussard uses carbon steel and heat from his blow torch to construct colorful, contemporary sculptures, while Paddleford and Greiner carve their realistic originals out of clay or wax, which is later cast into bronze. Together, the three artists are giving more than a dozen monumental sculptures to the Christ-honoring garden. In addition to the art, two million dollars in donations have already been spent on the world-class garden park. However, two to three million dollars are still needed to complete the entire Sculpture Prayer Garden, which is being built without debt from the donations of Christians across America.

In December of 2008, construction on the spiritual Garden was halted for 15 months due to a lawsuit filed by neighbors, who sought to stop the largest sculpture, a 77'7' contemporary cross, from being erected. However, on March 1, 2010 Judge Keith Williams of the 216th District Court in Texas approved a Settlement Agreement, which allowed the Christian arts ministry to raise 'The Empty Cross', a two million dollar, 70 ton, Cor-tin steel, sculpture.

The seven story, symbolic cross sculpture, when erected on a 1,930' hill, is destined to become a national landmark. It will be seen by travelers on the transcontinental interstate highway, which links Florida and California. The sculpture park is located approximately halfway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Texas garden is also at the same latitude as Israel and looks like the Holy Land. 'Pilgrims' from across the USA and world are expected to visit the free spiritual garden when finished. According to Greiner, the organization's founder and current President: 'This garden will be a great spiritual blessing to all, and a financial blessing to the local area. We expect it will become one of the top free tourist attractions in Texas when opened to the public.'

The Kerrville Sculpture Prayer Garden is the 'prototype' for other evangelical Christian gardens that will be built across the USA and world for the glory of God. The Christ-honoring artwork in the garden will be diverse, as more Christian artists are invited to donate their sculptures. The second garden is being built now at Christian Family Church in Owatonna, MN on Interstate 35, just south of Minneapolis.

About The Artists:

David Broussard,, began his professional art business, 'Jeweled Steel', in May of 2000, when the artist learned how to turn carbon steel into colorful sculptures using a blowtorch. Beverly Paddleford,, owns Eagle Bronze in Lander, WY, one of the largest art foundries in the world, with her husband, Monte. The Paddlefords donated all their profits to create 'The Empty Cross' sculpture. Beverly has done many different commissions, from the Governors residence in Wyoming, the front of the Cabela's in South Dakota, to the grounds of Oral Roberts University.

Max Greiner, Jr.,, started his professional fine art business in 1978, with his wife, Sherry and is the 'visionary' behind the project. The work of these artists is collected in all 50 states and around the world. It is in the collections of President George W. Bush, the late Pope John Paul, Governor Mike Huckabee, movie, TV, sports and music stars.

To learn more about TCKF, the Kerrville Cross and the Prayer Garden or to donate to TCKF, visit their website at: or call (830) 367-7706.

Contact Information:

The Coming King Foundation
Max Greiner Jr.
P.O. Box 290555
Kerrville, TX 78029-0555
(830) 367-7706

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Known as the “The Chicago River Connection”, the award-winning Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers and The Westin Chicago River North are pleased to announce the appointment of David Almond to complex Director of Sales & Marketing. In his new position, Almond will be responsible for leading the sales & marketing efforts on behalf of both hotels. In this dual role, Almond can further accommodate the needs of clients who book multiple meetings as well as those who book meetings of diverse types and sizes. (PRWeb Mar 31, 2010)

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UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO, Florida– The invitational Fireball Run Adventurally is announcing Williams, Arizona as a destination for its 2010 event. Competitors will take part in challenges that embrace the city's culture as well as geographical location. The rally will arrive from Henderson, Nevada on Saturday, September 25th and will hold a public green flag ceremony on Sunday, September 26th as Mayor Moore signals the race's departure to Gallup, New Mexico.

'The demand for this year has been overwhelming,' said Natalie Zimmerman, who serves as the event's organizer. 'We've pulled out all the stops and promise that this will be our most challenging event yet. America is the board game and our players are mere pawns.' Anyone in Arizona wishing to compete can log on and receive an exclusive invitation to register in the event.

This year's event promises to be the most challenging, scenic and diverse experience so far. 75 teams will travel over 3,500 miles in 9 days, driving everything from Bentleys to Chargers to KITT from Knight Rider. Along the way, teams solve clues and complete challenges in an attempt to earn points. In addition, there are racing challenges, the first of which will take place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Think of it as Amazing Race meets motorsports.

The Fireball Run's Race to Recover America's Missing Children is the largest active recovery effort for missing and exploited children. Each team is assigned a child from their home region along with posters to disperse along the route. A decal featuring the child is affixed to the vehicle, creating a rolling milk carton. One of the biggest advocates for making America safer for kids, Mr. Marc Klaas, will also participate in the rally himself – bringing his message to the streets of America while honoring the memory of his daughter, Polly Klaas. To date, this effort has assisted in the recovery of 33 missing children. Partnering with the event is the KlaasKids Foundation.

The Fireball Run Adventurally is a national event headquartered at the NBC/Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, safety sanctioned by the United States Auto Club (USAC) and welcomed by city leaders and law enforcement in each host city.

The 2010 Fireball Run Adventurally starts September 23rd in Henderson, Nevada and concludes October 2nd in Wisconsin. The event encourages the public to come out and show their support.


To learn more about the Fireball Run or to schedule an interview, please email or contact Michael Zambrano at 407.499.4229 ext. 5

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New Orlando hotel caters to families. (PRWeb Mar 31, 2010)

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Florida Hospitality Management Company Chooses TELEVUE as HD Free-to-Guest Television Programming Provider (PRWeb Mar 31, 2010)

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West Virginia's largest outdoor travel destination even sees increase in volunteer interest, indicating pent-up demand for adventure activities following record snowstorms (PRWeb Mar 31, 2010)

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First amongst South Beach Hotels ( the Beacon Hotel management has announced the new prize for the “Employee of the Month” award during 2010. All twelve “Employee of the Month” award recipients will receive a brand new mini-laptop. (PRWeb Mar 31, 2010)

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Kirby Sommers, a renter and a real estate broker in Manhattan has been busy developing RENTERS SERVICES. Ms. Sommers is best known for having helped Hurricane Katrina survivors connect to new homes across the country.

For the past 3-4 years, however, Sommers has focused on making apartment hunting and finding affordable gems easier for New Yorkers and others relocating to Manhattan.

And that means she works for the renter, not the landlord. Which translates into saving renters money in the form of no fee apartment finds, personalized assistance in finding those hard to find gems, and in some cases getting her clients as much as 1-2 months free rent.

'At first I thought this was too good to be true,' said Joanna Carson. 'Until I spoke with Kirby and decided to give it a go. I was getting nowhere using Craigslist and I needed to find an apartment right away. Kirby delivered. I have a wonderful one bedroom apartment in my price range and her advice helped me save a lot of money.'

Kirby adds: 'Look no one is working for the renter, not the brokers, not the landlords, and not the management companies. They're all looking out for their bottom line and watching their own backs. I help people. And that means I work for the renter, not the landlord.'

Sommers offers two renters services. A basic do-it-yourself package called Landlord Links, which are ideal for people who are familiar with the city. Landlord Links pretty much zap renters into landlords' available apartment databases. So, presto, they can see what brokers see, and find apartments never advertised, all no fee.

The other is a personalized 'handholding service' called The AptStar Program. This is where the renter tells Ms. Sommers what they are in search of, and Kirby finds it as she did with Joanna Carson and with Vanessa Slipczuk.

Ms. Slipczuk, originally from Maryland wanted to move to Manhattan, but she didn't know anyone and was almost ready to give up on the idea of relocating until she found Kirby.

'Kirby Sommers helped me to find a beautiful and very affordable apartment in Manhattan in a week. I paid a very reasonable fee and she immediately sent me information with a least a dozen properties that fit my very low budget. She saved me a lot of time and money and always gave me great advice. I even got one month free!'

The cost for these Renters' Serices is nominal and the savings are superb. Additional information can be found on Ms. Sommers website:

ABOUT KIRBY SOMMERS: Kirby Sommers is a writer and a humanitarian. "Helping people is what I do best." -Kirby Sommers

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Lark Tours announced today that it is being featured in the March issue of National Tour Associations "Courier" magazine. Lark Tours was chosen because it specializes in private travel in Africa. (PRWeb Mar 30, 2010)

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