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Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Karibe Convention Center, 23 October 2011.  RebelleHaiti, the premier fashion and lifestyle magazine celebrating the Haitian renaissance, in association with Elite Model Management, the world's most prestigious modeling network, announce the results of the Haiti version of Elite Model Look, an internationally renowned modeling contest staged throughout the Caribbean in the second half of 2011.  First of its kind in Haiti, the contest invites female models between the ages of 14 and 22 who are confident the next international supermodel should come from Haiti.  The event is also the launching pad for an innovative collaboration between RebelleHaiti and Elite to develop the aspirations of young Haitians for the international fashion industry.

Over 120 contestants from across Haiti's ten departments engaged in a fierce competition in front of a capacity crowd of over 300 at Karibe and the keen eyes of judges from Elite and RebelleHaiti.  The choice was narrowed to fifteen contestants who participated in the casting call.  Supremely confident with credits including cover girls for separate editions of RebelleHaiti this year, Sandy, 16, and Mondiana, 20, were selected and are looking forward to representing Haiti at the Caribbean regional final on November 12 at the Hyatt Regency in Trinidad. There they will compete against 19 girls from 8 other Caribbean countries.  The top three picks from the regional final will be sent to Shanghai this December to participate at the Elite Model Look World Competition for over $325,000 USD in modeling contracts with Elite.

Monsieur Jean-Pierre Begon, Vice President, Elite International said 'While it is never easy to narrow the number to just two, I have no doubts Sandy and Mondiana will represent Haiti exceptionally well in Trinidad next month.  I was truly inspired by the talented young ladies we saw today and we look forward to working with RebelleHaiti to develop more modeling talents from Haiti'.  Fellow judge and RebelleHaiti co-founder and creative director Philippe Gelin agreed, 'Our collaboration with Elite Model Management for this competition confirms what we knew all along – that Haiti has some of the most beautiful and gifted young ladies on the planet as seen regularly in the pages of RebelleHaiti.  We look forward to the emerging partnership with Elite to train more Haitian youngsters for the international fashion industry'.

About RebelleHaiti:
RebelleHaiti ( is not just a fashion and lifestyle magazine.  It is the first provocative look into Haiti, its people and who we are.  It's a celebration of our society, our beauty, our heritage, our land, and our culture.  A testament to our continuous resilience, our ability to overcome obstacles and defeat adversity.  RebelleHaiti stands as a bold statement of the Haitian renaissance.
Whether you live in New York, Montreal, Miami, or Paris, RebelleHaiti makes a connection between 'lakay' and the diaspora. It keeps you up to speed, 'wap toujou ajou' because we know while you may have left Haiti, the country still lives inside of you and the burning desire to be reunited to it remains.  From the markets of Port-au-Prince, to the streets of Jacmel, to the white sandy beaches of Port Salut, we'll keep you connected.  Every page of RebelleHaiti is a colorful reflection of what makes us unique, our food, our art, our style, our culture, and our history.  With RebelleHaiti, that old adage still rings true – 'lakay se lakay'. 
About Elite World SA.:
Elite ( is on the pulse of global beauty and style. Founded in 1972, Elite is the world's largest modeling agency, representing more than 2,000 models across five continents.
Elite models have been featured on over 1,000 magazine covers from around the world and include legendary icons such as Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, and Gisele Bundchen. Elite, is also shaping the runway stars of tomorrow with Alessandra Ambrosio, Constance Jablonski, Sigrid Agren, Eniko Mihalik and Fei Fei Sun, and continues to explore the world in search of the next stars through its Elite Model Look contest. The Elite Model Look contest attracts some 350,000 participants in 80 countries per year.
Elite is not just a modeling agency, it is a true brand with activities in three major business areas including high-level model management, the Elite Model Look contest and world-class licensing.

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Sapphire Beach Resort is a breathtaking place located in Belize. This spot is the prime location for vacationing and staying for the long-term. This beautiful resort is ideal for couples on a honeymoon or for friends who want to get away. Located in Central America, Belize may be a small country but it is rich in beauty and resources. The overall beauty of this country makes it a great place to vacation for a couple of days or weeks. Sapphire Beach Resort, Belize is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the wonders of this Caribbean jewel. This resort is excited to showcase their ownership opportunities and a chance to visit the Sapphire Beach Resort for free. 

Sapphire Beach Resort, Belize is a prime Caribbean real estate. Situated within Central America, Belize would make a beautiful home for an individual who wants to stay there on a permanent basis. This resort is offering complete ownership of their condos starting as low as $109,000. Interested Individuals can now see the resort for themselves with a free two-night stay, offered exclusively by Sapphire Beach.

The Resort provides beach front condominiums, as well as amenities that will rival any five-star hotel. The Caribbean beach homes of the Sapphire Beach Resort are ideal for individuals who are of retirement age and who want to live in warm climate, while enjoying the clear waters and the sun rays.

In addition to selling the properties on the resort, Sapphire Beach Resort also offers Caribbean beach house rentals. The rentals allow individuals to experience the beauty of living in a Sapphire Beach property. For more information on Sapphire Beach Resort and their ownership opportunities, visit

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NYC Limo offers party-on-the-go facilities for travelers as well as more conventional transportation options. Customers traveling between New York and New Jersey can reserve the Party Bus NYC or Party Bus NJ, depending on their needs. Party buses include dance floors, full-service bars and jukeboxes.

Party buses serve participants in proms, weddings and bachelor parties as well as those who just want a night out in Manhattan. NYC Limo also offers restaurant reservations at NYC's best restaurants and access to nightclubs and bars along with the bus reservation so that party-goers can continue their evening elsewhere. The Party Bus also doubles as Bus Charter New York, allowing passengers to tour NYC without leaving the comfort of the bus.

Customers who aren't interested in party buses may be interested in some of NYC Limo's other services. Limousine Service NJ transports New Jersey customers in style to special events such as proms and weddings in either New Jersey or New York City, and Shuttle Bus NJ gets customers to the airport of their choice in the metropolitan New York/New Jersey area with plenty of time to spare. 

For more information or to reserve a bus, please visit or call 866-696-9546.

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Key features of

  • Up-to-date information on cost of living – worldwide
  • Based on local prices of specific products and services
  • Data provided be the users ("wisdom of the crowd" principle)
  • Of interest for tourists, backpackers, business travelers, expats and globetrotters of all kinds
  • Perfect source of information to calculate the holiday/traveling budget

Cologne (Germany), 31 October 2011 – Since a couple of days, there is a new website out there enriching the World Wide Web: Eardex (short for Earth Index) is a free web portal providing an overview on cost of living in all towns and cities, regions and countries of the world. For this purpose, the Eardex database collects and shows the local prices of more than 45 specific, popular and internationally comparable products and services. The project is based on the "wisdom of the crowd" principle, which means that the data is provided by the Eardex users. The principle: Eardex provides the platform, the users provide the input.
Thus, Eardex is of interest for tourists, backpackers, business travelers, expats and globetrotters of all kinds, for example, who would like to calculate their holiday/traveling budget. And, of course, for all other people who would like to know what single products (e.g. hotel, rental car, eating out, different food products etc.) cost or how much living in general is in other towns and cities, regions and countries of the world. And there should be a lot of interest: In part due to the globalization, there is an increasing number of expats, whether for business or private reasons. And as regards tourists: worldwide, the number of international tourist arrivals in 2010 stood at 935 million, according to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer.
Fabian Walker, one of the founders of the German start-up, explains: "If you are traveling a lot and are highly interested in other countries, the local price level is always a crucial factor. However, the search for prices in a desired location turned out to be quite tricky – in every single case. We were not willing to accept that – and that's exactly how our idea to set up Eardex was born."
The Eardex idea: Everybody is able to answer questions on local prices when it comes to his or her home town or a spot already visited. We would only need to find a way to exchange our knowledge.
And so the Eardex team created a website which offers just that: a platform to exchange knowledge about product prices, including the corresponding functionalities to process and display the collected data in an easy-to-find manner. What's lacking at that point is the actual data, the information on prices. And that's where the users step in, who enter the prices on themselves.
As the project just started recently, it is natural that there still are a lot of places without proper price indications. The site operators hope that people will like this idea, leading to users worldwide entering prices. Thus, the Eardex database will quickly comprise a large number of entries, offering reliable information on prices at a lot of destinations worldwide – absolutely free for all users. Fabian Walker adds: "And that's the point where we have achieved our objective: Finally, our curious questions about the price level in other parts of the world will be answered!"
About Eardex
Eardex (short for Earth Index) is a free web portal providing an overview on cost of living in all towns and cities, regions and countries of the world. For this purpose, the Eardex database collects and shows the local prices of more than 45 specific, popular and internationally comparable products and services. The project is based on the "wisdom of the crowd" principle, which means that the data is provided by the Eardex users. The principle: Eardex provides the platform, the users provide the input. Thus, Eardex is of interest for tourists, backpackers, business travelers, expats and globetrotters of all kinds, for example, who would like to calculate their holiday/traveling budget. And, of course, for all other people who would like to know what specific products cost or how much living in general is in other towns and cities, regions and countries of the world:
Theodor-Heuss-Ring 1
50668 Koeln (Cologne)

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Saturday saw a new episode of ABC's adventure travel program, Born to Explore featuring the land of fire and ice, Iceland. The episode titled, Living with Volcanoes saw host Richard Wiese travel to Iceland and discover the island's most spectacular volcanic sites.

During the episode, host Richard Wiese learned how the resourceful Icelandic people have harnessed the power of volcanoes to better their way of life. The episode also beautifully showcases both the serene and rugged sides of Icelandic nature whilst giving insight into how the Icelandic people have adapted to this.

According to the Huffington Post, during the filming process the Born to Explore crew also went sheep herding and horse riding; then on the way to Keflavik International Airport they were delayed as a result of being stuck behind three thousand sheep clogging the street.

For those who were born to explore Iceland, Iceland's leading airline Icelandair has introduced a new package deal departing from the United States. The package deal, Born to Explore, includes three nights at the wonderful Natura Hotel; breakfast; a lava horseback riding tour; a trip to the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa; and return flights from either Boston, New York (JFK), Washington, DC (IAD) or Seattle (SEA).

A highlight of the package deal is the guided horseback riding tour. Here visitors will get to know the sure friendly and sure-footed Icelandic horse breed on a trip through the lava landscapes of a nature reserve near Iceland's capital, Reykjavik. This riding tour is one of the best ways to experience the unique Icelandic landscape and geology up close.

To find out more about the Born to Explore package deal, alongside other Iceland holidays, visit

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Skyscanner – Europe's leading travel search website, specialising in cheap flights and deals on over 600 airlines, as well as prices for car hire and hotels – has been explaining why it uses iomart Hosting.

Founded in 2003 by IT professionals, Gareth Williams, Barry Smith and Bonamy Grimes, Skyscanner is based in Edinburgh with a second office in Singapore. The site is available in 27 languages and is offered as a mobile site as well as both an android and iPhone app, the latter of which has had more than 2 million downloads. Skyscanner is recognised as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK.
Skyscanner in the cloud
Visits to the Skyscanner website have increased year on year to the point where over 14 million people use it every month (2011 figures). To cope with this huge and ever-growing demand for its service, Skyscanner needed cloud hosting backed by the most powerful servers. It turned to iomart Hosting.    
Craig Parker, Director of IT at Skyscanner, explains: 'It's vital that the Skyscanner flight search engine is always available because people are accessing it from many different countries at all times of the day and night.
'iomart Hosting's support has allowed us to scale up as fast as possible, while still allowing us to serve our millions of customers in a professional, responsive and personal manner.'

Private cloud
iomart Hosting supports the entire global portfolio of Skyscanner domains, which range from Spanish ( to Japanese ( and Korean ( This is all housed in a private cloud, backed by an enterprise grade SAN solution.

Phil Dalbeck, Infrastructure Architect at Skyscanner, explains:
'Migrating from a traditional physical infrastructure platform to a fully virtualised private cloud provides the business agility Skyscanner needs to support our exceptional growth. Capacity planning is no longer the headache it once was, and the business can now expect to see additional server resources deployed within minutes rather than weeks.'

The iomart Hosting team helped Skyscanner's technical team deploy a cutting-edge VMware installation, with powerful custom built servers providing N+1 resilience and high performance. The database layer comprises a number of Fusion-IO equipped SQL Servers delivering previously unattainable I/O performance.

He adds: 'Our move to FusionIO completely redefined the capabilities of our presentation database systems – stability, performance and scalability have been improved by several orders of magnitude by leveraging the best technologies for the job. "Working with a hosting partner prepared to work with us in deploying such cutting-edge technology is vital to our success.'

Sarah Haran, managing director of iomart Hosting, says: 'Skyscanner demanded high performance and high availability plus the ability to react quickly to market demands by the provision of additional resources. iomart Hosting provided consultation and benchmarking services, procured cutting edge hardware which we installed in our fully-owned high-spec data centres, ensuring that Skyscanner and its millions of customers get the best service possible. '

The Skyscanner cloud operation is housed in iomart Hosting 's data centres, where entire floors are provisioned with high power racks in cold aisle containment with dual A+B feeds to each rack.
Skyscanner is focused on rapid expansion in existing and new markets with the objective of becoming the number one flight search engine in the world. iomart Hosting will be supporting it all the way.

Sara Haran says: 'iomart Hosting and Skyscanner have a lot in common. We are both fast growing companies gaining worldwide reputations for what we do. iomart Hosting is proud to be providing hosting for Skyscanner as it aims to dominate in its chosen market.'

Phil Dalbeck concludes: 'Skyscanner is a technology-focused business and our service is reliant on the stability of our datacentre equipment. iomart's datacentre team has a no-nonsense, can-do attitude to support which takes away the pain of day to day hardware maintenance allowing us to focus on the bigger picture'.

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