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The Tucson garage door repair specialists at Sears Garage Door Repair advise homeowners to take special care of their garage door openers during the hot summer months. Temperatures inside the garage can reach up to 135 degrees, wreaking havoc on electrical garage door openers.

As any experienced garage door repair company in Tucson will advise,  you should lubricate your garage door prior to the beginning of summer as well as when summer ends, because lubricant on doors and opener parts is broken down by the intense heat.  Lubricant keeps the garage door rolling and helps to avoid binding and metal-to-metal grinding.  Lubricating your garage doors will prevent the need for some Tucson garage door repairs, but along with summer comes some unavoidable issues such as desert lightening striking and shorting out garage door opener circuit boards. 

Adding insulation to your garage will reduce the heat inside by up to 20 or 30 degrees, increasing the life of garage door opener while reducing your electric bills, all year round.  With over 14 years in the business, the Tucson garage door repair experts at Sears Garage Door Repair are experienced in the up-keep of garage doors and their openers, especially over the summer months.

About Sears Garage Door Repair

Sears Garage Door Repair serves the entire Tucson, AZ area with top-of-the-line Tucson garage door repair services as well as installation and sales of new garage doors, garage door parts and accessories, and more.  They offer free emergency services and same day services with no extra charge.  All of the Sears Garage Door Repair services come with a satisfaction guarantee.

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Thirty-nine percent of U.S. households own at least one dog and an increasing number of those households are traveling with their pet, according to’s most recent travel trend analysis….

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Ricky Lee, a Nashville Recording Artist, will be performing live at the 8th Annual Rock The Barn Music Festival. The two day event hosts about ten different performances, food vendors and an activity…

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Looking for Guided Tours in Turkey? Look no further than The site provides various itineraries that can be utilized while touring Turkey. This boutique style travel agency gives you many options and allows you to exclusively book a personalized tour.

Those who want an exotic wedding location may prefer to utilize the site. With over 300 guaranteed departure tours made in a year, can set up logistics for honeymoons and weddings in Turkey and in the Mediterranean. The historic cultural sites of Turkey can be the perfect backdrop for these once-in-a-lifetime events.

Travelers who are just interested in touring Turkey will benefit from the website. Istanbul, a city formerly known as Constantinople, is one of the most important historical and religious sites in the world. Escorted tours, religious tours, and various mini tours are available. is a great place to set up Turkey vacation packages, complete with lodging, ground transportation and tours.

In addition to tours and Turkey vacation packages, can also set up Mediterranean vacations for travelers. Tours of the Silk Roads, Turkey and the Mediterranean (including Greece) can be set up from the site. Looking to take a honeymoon in the Mediterranean? The tour operators can definitely set up a trip that will prove unique.

The company is also part of the American Express Travel Services Representative Network. As an affiliate, Elite Turkey Tours has access to special benefits and value-added services. Cardholders also get annual travel benefits as well. Elite Turkey Tours provides many services that American travelers will find priceless and will work to set up a tour that will be unbeatable.

Elite Turkey Tours staff are originally from Turkey, Greece and Dubai and know their countries very well. All staff members are living within the United States and are not just an online agency. With offices located in New York and New Jersey, you don't have to go far to book a tour. If you prefer to book with Turkish or Greeks who live in the USA who are able to create custom packages that will be sure to leave you 100% satisfied, then look no further than Elite Turkey Tours.

Six months in advance booking Tours will receive a $175.00 discount of their rate.

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SEATTLE, WA –Zegrahm Expeditions, the leader in small ship cruising and overland adventures, is offering a captivating voyage up the West Coast of Africa.  Starting in Douala, Cameroon and ending in Dakar, Senegal, the journey visits nine nations and explores the region's intriguing cultural heritage, storied history, and numerous natural wonders. 
In addition, a highlight of the trip is a visit to Greatest Goal Ministries (GGM), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Sierra Leone's war-affected disabled and amputee community.  Trip participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a lively soccer match with the amputees.
'Because of the positive feedback we received from guests on our inaugural Tracing the West Coast of Africa expedition in April 2012, we decided to offer the itinerary again in November 2013,' stated Jon Nicholson, President of Zegrahm Expeditions.  'Many of our guests said visiting the GGM clinic and watching the soccer match was the highlight of the trip and was truly inspiring.'
Priced from $13,980 per person, the 18-day Tracing the West Coast of Africa expedition also visits historic ports of call, rich in local culture and colonial architecture, as well as pristine natural areas where guests can search for the abundant animal and bird life that call this region home.  Highlights include the lush volcanic islands of São Tomé & Príncipe, the vibrant markets in Benin and Togo, and crossing Africa's only suspended walkway in Kakum National Forest in Ghana.  Guests will also visit Abidjan in Ivory Coast, known as the 'Paris of West Africa,' as well as the beautiful beaches of Sierra Leone.
To learn more about the Tracing the West Coast of Africa expedition, to request a brochure, or to make a reservation, please visit or call 800-628-8747.
# # #
Seattle-based Zegrahm Expeditions Inc., founded in 1990, is a leading adventure travel company specializing in small-ship expedition cruises, tours, and safaris to remote and intriguing destinations around the world. Led by expert guides and lecturers, Zegrahm itineraries are carefully crafted and all-inclusive, feature deluxe accommodations, and operate in all seven continents. 

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78% of couples have at least two major bust ups on a fortnight's holiday, according to new research from, with Beachside Barneys topping the list.

UK Relationship Coach of The Year 2012, Alex Santoro-Emmerson explains why and offers top advice on how to have a harmonious holiday
The annual summer holiday is supposed to be an opportunity for couples to spend some quality time together, enjoy an escape from the stresses of the daily grind and reconnect over a series of romantic dinners and poolside drinks.
However, it seems the reality is far removed from this picturesque ideal, with almost 80% of couples having at least two major arguments and 62% admitting to bickering up to three times a day when on holiday.
The study, by travel website, which specialises in selling last minute package holidays (8 weeks or less) from brands including Thomson, First Choice, Airtours, Thomas Cook and Cosmos, researched nearly 2,000 holidaymakers to find out what the biggest holiday bugbears for couples are.
The research revealed that by the beach or pool are the most common areas where disagreements occur, with ladies getting irritated with their men for refusing to put enough sun cream on or ogling bikini-clad females. 
Pre-dinner is also a tetchy time, with men getting frustrated about how long it's taking their other half to get ready. The amount of booze people consume also adds to holiday frictions.
The top ten biggest holiday bugbears that threaten holiday harmony are:

  • Arguments over packing – men packing too little, women packing too much
  • What time to get to the airport
  • Men checking out other females by the pool / on the beach
  • Drinking too much
  • Women taking too long to get ready for dinner
  • Disagreements over activities: men wanting to be active, women wanting to lie on sun lounger
  • Disagreements over spending too much money
  • Arguments over driving in a foreign country: in particular map reading
  • Where to eat and choice of food
  • Disagreements over currency and what £ equivalent is's online marketing manager Calum Macdonald says:
'Everybody has their own idea of what makes the perfect break and when you clash on these ideals arguments can break out, however, it's shocking to discover how much couples actually do argue when abroad.'
'6% of couples surveyed even admitted that they had asked for separate rooms at some point during their holiday, due to unresolved tensions.'
'Choose a holiday that suits you both, as this can help reduce stress levels. For example, if one of you wants to be active and the other wants to flop on a sun lounger, try and find a resort where both are available. Our site offers hundreds of different holiday options to suit all needs and tastes – and hopefully help ensure holiday wars are kept to a minimum' Macdonald says.
How to have a Harmonious Holiday
UK Relationship Coach of The Year 2012, Alex Santoro-Emmerson ( said: 
'One of the 7 Master Skills of relationships tells us we need to align our visions. 

To create a fulfilling lost lasting relationship we need to have matching goals and want the same stuff. And holidays are no different.'
'If one of you wants a rest and relaxation holiday, whilst the other wants to go sightseeing every day and clubbing every night, you can see why tension would arise.
 To avoid conflict, step number one is always clearly stating what each person is hoping to get out of the holiday and, if the two goals don't match, coming up with a plan with compromise in mind.'
'It's not about telling the other person why your way would be best; be flexible and remind yourself that we go to a relationship to give and not just to take.' 

Alex added: 'Another issue is the fact that women can get quite controlling whilst on holiday. Your partner is a big boy, he really doesn't need you to tell him how much sun cream he should be putting on, or what factor it should be, or how often he needs to re-apply.'
'Telling your man what to do is a sure way to make him feel disrespected. When men feel disrespected they withdraw. Add to this the odd look at other bikini-clad females (which is not a crime, and should not alarm you unless you have unresolved trust issues) and you have a recipe for disaster.' 

'What men could do to help minimize beachside barneys', says Alex, 'is remind themselves of what makes them feel truly masculine. My experience is that men feel the most satisfied and most in touch with their purpose when they 'protect' their woman or when they see her truly happy, especially if they feel they have had a part to play in this,' said Alex.
'So, if men can focus on this point, and on how much more confident and happy their partner will feel after those extra 15 minutes getting ready, that extra time could actually be associated with pleasure rather than pain.'

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U.S. vocalist lauds Caribbean island nation of Grenada with 'The Grenada Song'. The new single is a melodic and relaxing American invasion.

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At the recent Founders Forum, an event for the leading entrepreneurs of today, the owners of Out Fit 7 Ltd. were announced as the lucky winners of the British Airways Rising Star of the Year 2012 award.

Out Fit 7 Ltd. creates simple, engaging apps that people of all ages can enjoy, alone or together.

Narry Singh, chief business guru at Out Fit 7 Ltd made a presentation detailing the company's vision and accomplishments that resulted in winning the award. The prize entitles the company to a Gold British Airways Executive Club membership and 200,000 Avios points to help Outfit7 further spread their entrepreneurial wings.

That's enough Avios to get 22 return flights to Paris, five flights to New York, four to Mumbai or two to Sydney.

The airline, which has a history of supporting growth in small businesses, has already offered free flights to winners of the regional awards in Mumbai, New York and Rio to attend the event.

British Airways also flew 20 of the UK's up and coming entrepreneurs to New York for the Founders Forum event in the city on its business class only London City to New York service in May.

The airline has a proven track record in promoting new talent. Recent initiatives include offering more than £15m worth of tickets to fledgling British and US businesses to help them grow overseas.

Luke Goggin, British Airways' head of corporate sales, who presented the award, said: "The Founders Forum is a great event for debate, ideas generation and networking and as an airline we understand the importance of face to face communication.

"We are delighted to be sponsoring the Rising Star of the Year 2012 award and we're looking forward to welcoming the winner on board as they grow their business overseas."

Samo Login, founder and CEO of Out Fit 7 Ltd., said: "We are delighted to have won this award. With British Airways' reach to more than 150 destinations worldwide, the prize will really help us to grow our business overseas."

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About British Airways:
British Airways plc offers a wide range of worldwide destinations – including holidays in Antigua, flights to Belfast and Barcelona holidays, as well as hotels, car rental with Avis and experiences. Customers can save time and money with when booking ATOL protected holiday packages, ATOL number is 5985. Passengers are offered added peace of mind to their holiday plans and the security of travelling with British Airways. British Airways plc constantly seeks to exceed customers' expectations, both in terms of the value for money and quality of the service provided.

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Amanda Allan
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When Using the App, Chocolate Lovers Soon Find There's No Substitute for Traditional Production Methods and Use of Top-Quality Ingredients

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